Durango Oro

For centuries, travertine has graced the most prominent buildings and public spaces in the world. Our Durango series offers one of the finest selections for strength, finish and color balance bringing a timeless appeal to any project. The Oro color range features vibrant to muted gold tones with splashes of golden-rose and taupe-beige.

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3 6 8 12
3" x 6"6" x 12"8" x 16"12" x 12"
12 16 18 24
12" x 24"16" x 16"18" x 18"24" x 24"

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straight 5/8 straight 1  
straight 5/8" x 5/8"straight 1" x 1" 

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honed filled tumbled ancient tumbled viejo  
honed filledtumbled ancienttumbled viejo 

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Durango Oro